Academy Closed due to severe weather conditions

Dear Parents/Carers

Following an inspection of the site, the decision has been made to close the academy(Monday 11/12/17). This is due to a significant amount of snow on paths and carparks. We feel the site  and local roads are  unsafe for pupils, parents and staff.

We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience but hope the early notice will help parents make appropriate arrangements. 

We aim to be open as usual on Tuesday 12/12/17


Knowledge Organisers

All Year 7 and 11 students can access their subjects' knowledge organisers through the links above.

Subject teachers will direct students to learn particular boxes of information each week and this will be on Show My Homework. These will then be tested in lesson and students are expected to achieve above 50%. For homework, students should use their self-quizzing books to copy down the information and then cover it up before trying to re-write it. Having done this they should then make any corrections in green pen and repeat until they have managed to learn the key information.

The Academy would really appreciate it if parents could support students with this learning so that we develop their revision skills all the way from Year 7 to 11 to ensure their success at GCSE and beyond.