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Macbeth Performance

On Monday 27 February, the Academy welcomed The Fred Theatre Company, who performed Macbeth for our Year 10 and 11 students.

To tell you more about the day is Year 11 student, Bayleigh Luke:

“On Monday the Year 10 and 11 students had the fantastic opportunity to experience the interpretation of Macbeth performed by The Fred Theatre Company in our own Academy hall. The play lasted approximately 90 minutes and during this time, ‘Macbeth’ was brought to life. The 6-man show intrigued and engaged the students to understand the Shakespearean play in great depth and this also allowed them to recognise different interpretations of the characters themselves, which will help us in our final GCSE English Literature exam. Once the play had finished, students had time to ask any questions to the Fred Theatre team which they answered in great detail developing our knowledge even further.

It’s significant to have events like this so we are able to enjoy ourselves whilst learning and this is a prime example of that. In English Literature we are expected to be able to interpret any text we study in many different ways and seeing other people’s interpretations first hand helps with this. Seeing a visual representation of the play rather than just reading it also helps us to really understand the play in ways we may not have before.

After the half term break, I think this play was a pleasant way to ease us back into Academy life and show that there are different ways of learning other than just reading and writing. Even without costumes, they brought to life the classic play of ‘Macbeth’ through their excellent acting and I know the students of Year 10 and 11 feel privileged to have been able to experience their fantastic performance and workshop.

The Fred Theatre Company came from Birmingham so I would like to thank them for coming to our Academy to perform for us. They also modernized the play so it was easier to relate to and understand. The effort and pride that went into the making of this play was incredible, it has been extremely well thought out. From the workshop, I could clearly see all the members of the theatre had great pride in what they had done. Everyone was equal in the group – from the director to the actors. Key quotes were obviously shown in the play which is a key part of revision as the Summer GCSE will be a closed book exam, so it’s vital we are able to recall important quotes from the play and by hearing them in a theatre environment it helps to consolidate this knowledge. Not only was it a fantastic way to revise, but also a reminder that school isn’t strictly about exams and learning – but also about spending time with peers and enjoying yourself, whilst still making the most of your education.”

A huge thank you to the English Department who arranged this incredible performance, The Fred Theatre Company and Bayleigh for her fantastic report on the day.

Publish date:10/03/2017

Stoke Kickz

On Saturday 04 March, seven Excel students were chosen to represent Stoke City FC Kickz in a 5 aside fixture v Middlesborough at Stoke power league. The students out played the away team with immense skill and confidence, and went on to crush the opposition with a 16-2 win.

They showed maturity and team playing at its best, and were rewarded with a ticket to watch the Stoke match at the Britannia Stadium. Excel Academy would like to say well done to the following students:
Lewis Hulme
Jacob Keates
Jack Barber
Cameron Wade
Callum Fenton
Fitzroy Butler
Rhys Plant

Thank you to Mrs Green for arranging this amazing day!

Publish date:10/03/2017

Year 8 Netball Tournament

On Thursday 16 February, several Year 8 students took part in a City Netball Tournament. For some students, it was their very first tournament. Altogether 13 schools entered and the results are below:
◦ Excel v Discovery - WON 5-1
◦ Excel v St.Josephs A - LOST 5-0
◦ Excel v OSSMA - WON 3-1
◦ Excel v Trentham - WON 2-1
◦ Excel v St.Peters - WON 2-0
◦ Excel v Haywood B - WON 3-0

The girls won their section and progressed through to the semi-final where they played St.Josephs B team. The score ended up 1-1 therefore it went to golden goal, which meant that the team to score first won and progressed through to the final. Unfortunately St.Josephs scored first.

Congratulations to the following girls:
◦ Dana Chambers
◦ Ange-Lynne Menoumba
◦ Libby Ankers
◦ Grace Richards
◦ Brooke Swift
◦ Millie Stubbs
◦ Cejay Hopley
◦ Maddie Sutton
◦ Maisie Hughes
◦ Megan Grice

All girls showed fantastic support for one another, great team spirit and lots of enthusiasm. They performed extremely well and it was a great achievement to get to the semi-finals. Well done - you did yourselves and the Academy proud!

Publish date:10/03/2017

County Sportshall Athletics

On Tuesday 07 February, several Year 8 students took part in a County Sportshall Athletics competition. Altogether the best 10 schools in the County competed against each other. The boys performed tremendously, with great enthusiasm and encouragement for one another. They came sixth in the County which is a fantastic achievement.

Well done to the following boys:
◦ Declan Lloyd
◦ Josh Bamford
◦ Sam Barber
◦ Josh Jones
◦ Giovanni
◦ Brad Timmis
◦ Charlie Todd
◦ Owen Harrison

Four Year 9 students were asked to umpire the County High 5 netball event. The tutors were extremely impressed with their attitude and conduct and expressed high praise.

Well done to the following girls:
◦ Jodie Collins
◦ Lauren Hall
◦ Abbi Williamson
◦ Bethany Adams

A special mention to Lauren Hall who was asked to umpire the final, which is a great privilege.

Well done everyone!

Publish date:10/03/2017

Us Girls Rocks Neighbourhood Festival

Young women from across Stoke-on-Trent are being given the opportunity to try out a range of sports – at no cost whatsoever.

The doors at Fenton Manor Sports Complex will be thrown open on Saturday 11 March to girls aged between 14 to 25, who can bring their friends, sisters, mums and aunties with them to join in with the female only activities.

The Us Girls Rocks Neighbourhood Festival, which is taking place across the country, will see a range of activities available including netball, spinning, badminton, inline skating, yoga, aerobics and table tennis. As a reward for having a go participants will be able to enjoy free beauty treatments, plus there will be goodie bags and prizes up for grabs.

Organised by Stoke-on-Trent city of sport in partnership with StreetGames, the festival helps promote sport and physical activity to young women and girls, giving them the opportunity to try different physical activities in a female only environment, delivered in a fun and social way. It is anticipated more than 200 people will attend on the day.

You can book online at or at our facebook page streetgamesSOT & USGirlsSOT

Please see the attached leaflet.

Publish date:27/02/2017

Year 9 Parents Evening

On 30/03/2017 at 5:00 pm until 7:30 pm

This is a chance for Year 9 parents/carers to come and have a chat with your child’s teachers about their progress at the Academy.

Publish date:21/09/2016

Parent Forum Meeting

On 27/04/2017 at 6:00 pm until 7:00 pm

This meeting will be focused on Achievement at the Academy.

Publish date:21/09/2016

Year 7 Parents Evening

On 04/05/2017 at 5:00 pm until 7:30 pm

This is a chance for Year 7 parents/carers to come and have a chat with your child’s teachers about their progress at the Academy.

Publish date:21/09/2016

Parent Forum Celebration

On 08/06/2017 at 6:00 pm until 7:00 pm

More details to follow.

Publish date:21/09/2016

The Excel Academy PE Awards Evening

On 03/07/2017 at 6:30 pm until 7:45 pm

This is a chance to celebrate those students who have outstanding achievements and progress in PE.

Publish date:21/09/2016