10 Characteristics

1. Our building is inspiring, bright and offers fantastic facilities which are a pleasure to learn in.

2. Our top priorities are ensuring our students are safe and that they achieve to their potential.

3. Our support services ensure that that all students are cared for and looked after all of the time.

4. Our student attendance is in the top 25% nationally.

5. Our ethos of Pride and Respect shines through at all times of the Academy day.

6. Our students hold their Academy in high regard. They are very well behaved, wear their uniform with pride and really value their school.

7. Our teachers work tirelessly to provide challenging and engaging lessons so the students develop a thirst for learning.

8. Our mission is to encourage a growth mindset as a key to success.

9. Our students in all years make increasingly strong progress; teachers challenge them to do well and they always rise to that challenge.

10. Our Academy is the school of choice locally.